Pygmy Goats

Our little herd of Pygmies! (Updating as we go.)


Fifi Flyer, the smartest one of the bunch. February 2013 doe, half Pygmy, half Fainting Goat. Let’s just say if Spaceballs were acted by goats instead of people, Fifi would be Princess Vespa.

No matter what she says, don’t believe her. Although she does in fact have the ability to vault over a 4-foot fence from a complete standstill. Ask me how I know this…


Fifi and Giselle, L-R

Fifi and Giselle, L-R

Giselle, Fifi’s firstborn. 1-3-14. This girl is a FIREBALL. She is just as sweet and outgoing as her mother, and if appearances have anything to indicate, just as athletic. She is 1/4 Pygmy, 3/4 Fainting Goat.

Not the best picture right there of Giselle, but sooner or later I will catch her standing still for longer than 2.7 seconds. 🙂 She is 3 months old in that shot and growing into a beautiful little girl.

What a sweet face

What a sweet face

I love love LOVE her little face. Huge eyes, long eyelashes, and so feminine. ❤


Giselle as an itsy bitsy newborn


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