Our Goats

Welcome to our series of goat pages! Updated as we go along and the herd continues to grow and change (and as I get the time to do it *cough*). Take a virtual stroll through our barn, or shoot us an email at pardnerupdates (at) gmail (dot) com for more info or if you just want to talk about goats! (@ and . in proper place of course 🙂 )

The stinkpots: https://ranchitobandito.wordpress.com/bucks/

The lovelies: https://ranchitobandito.wordpress.com/does/

The littles: https://ranchitobandito.wordpress.com/nigerian-dwarf-kids/

The Frosted Mini’s: https://ranchitobandito.wordpress.com/lamancha-mini-mancha/

The certifiables: https://ranchitobandito.wordpress.com/pygmy-goats/

Breedings/Kiddings/For Sale: https://ranchitobandito.wordpress.com/breedingkidding-schedulefor-sale/


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