Bandit Ranch Cocoa Puff

Cocoa is our very first official Bandit Ranch baby! Though her mom was bred too young, we made sure that didn’t happen with Cocoa. I would like to see better feet and legs on her, but if she inherited Caramel’s milking ability, she’ll do well.

Well, well, well, what have we here? On the coldest day so far this month (high of 26F, blistering wind, ice and snow) guess who decided to present us with two beautiful babies! Yep, that’s right. Here they are in the bathroom, where they stayed most of the day until they were strong enough to nurse. After that Cocoa had things securely in hand. She takes mothering very seriously and her first freshening udder looks good, with a strong medial and a high rear attachment.



Aspiring businessgoat supervises construction

Cocoa 8

Look at the rear width on that girl – like a dually truck!

06-2013 – R&R’s Goats Hot Fudge Brownie x R&R’s Goats Caramel Latte


02-23-2015 – Peach pinto Doe/chocolate chamoisee Buck – twins by Peppernut


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