Breeding/Kidding Schedule

Spring 2015 kidding schedule:

Peppernut x Cocoa (FF) – kidded doe/buck twins 2-23-15; doe reserved, buck available

Peppernut x Buffy (FF) – kidded single buck 2-18-15; buck available

Peppernut x Oreo (2nd F) – due in March – blue eyes possible; 1st buck reserved

Peppernut x Caramel (3rd F) – due in June

Brownie x Giselle (FF) – due in May (these will be Nigerian Dwarf crossed with Giselle’s crazy 3/4 Fainting–1/4 Pygmy genetics)


Peppernut x Cookie Monster

Peppernut x Ruby for our first generation Mini Manchas!

Peppernut x Ivy (linebreeding)


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