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Howdy there, Fellow Bookies! Time to dust off yer six-shooters, shine those boots, and saddle up for a wild and woolly romp through the Old West!

This week’s wanted poster: The Trouble With Patience, by Maggie Brendan

I picked this one up hoping for a clean Christian Western, but it’s more of a romance in cowboy boots. Romances aren’t quite my cup of tea, but I’m so hungry for a good Western-themed read that it worked.

The Pros:

– With only a couple of kissy parts, the book is squeaky clean. Finally! Old West + (a few) cowboys + no trashy content! That alone made it worth reading.

– This is just personal preference, but I liked some of the “salsa words” in the prose. Cerulean, reverberated, etc. Bookie Monster is a WordOPhiliac.

The Cons:

– I found it just a teensy bit preachy in some parts. For instance, Patience’s devotional-writing project, and the way she constantly brings it up to whomever is around. Not that that shouldn’t have been included, because it was a recurring plot point, but a little subtler might have been nice.

– I found the characters and storyline a little predictable. *sad Bookie Monster* Although that is a besetting sin of the Western genre. I found Cody, with his dark past, to be the most interesting character in the book. I must confess I was rooting for Patience to end up marrying him and not marrying Jed. So sue me! Cody’s personal journey was the most compelling one in the story. Without giving anything away, Monty was the other candidate for Most Interesting Character. Bookie Monster wants motives and ACTION ACTION ACTION! Monty + Cody = People Who Do Things! *happy Bookie Monster*

– The writing was not as razor-sharp as I am used to. 

– The ending seemed a little anticlimactic and drawn-out. But then the Bookie Monster is weird about happy endings.

Overall, it was satisfactoryWesterny, not distasteful at all, and a fun lighthearted romp. If your taste is Christian romance, heavy on the historical, then I recommend this book. If it’s more like the Bookie Monster’s – in short, “GIVE ME ACTION OR GIVE ME . . . Um . . . Chocolate?” – it might be good for a rainy afternoon with an afghan and mug of tea. I’ll keep an eye peeled for any more Western-themed titles by Maggie Brendan.