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Rarely, but on widely-spaced occasions, the Bandit Queen has been known to suffer from a brief memory lapse as to the reason she raises goats. (Mostly these lapses occur after the flying monkeys goats break free from their pastures and rampage across Banditland, leaving havoc in their gleeful wake . . .)

But then other times she remembers exactly why.

Like these times.


Well, hello there, you little rascal (Oh boy, do I own this one)


Yup, it’s a new little fuzzybuns! Her Highness Fifi has done it again. This year it’s a little buck! Which, on the one hand, is a good thing, because I won’t be (quiteasmuchCOUGH) tempted to keep him, but . . . on the other hand . . . that person who has been quoted as saying “Well, Fifi won’t have pretty babies like the Nigerians do. We can eat hers if it’s a boy”, um, shall we say, doesn’t exist anymore. >.>


Not after that face. 😛

No telling who the daddy is, thanks to Miss Fence Jumper, though it’s likely to be Peppernut since he’s the boss buck, rather than Brownie. Ah well. Either way, he’s cute.

Not much of a blog post this time around . . . your local Bandit Queen is far too busy playing wif the BABY!!! But she took time out from her busy schedule to provide you with pictures. ‘Cause she’s awesome like that. 😉

Time to go play with baby again!