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It’s that time again!

To go from this…


Caramel – “Holy cow, I’m so effing pregnant…”

…to THIS!!!!!

5-24-14 buck #1


5-24-14 buck #2 (2)

Ta-da! Royal Prince #1 and Royal Prince #2, respectively. These two little guys arrived in state about 1:30 p.m. last Saturday (yes, I know I am dreadful for not posting such delightful pictures earlier…but I’ve been too busy playing with the little rascals!). Caramel didn’t need our help at all, and everything went surprisingly quickly.

On Friday, I noticed that she was more bothered by the other goats than usual, and didn’t want to play with them. Behavior change for her. And the other clue – She Who For The Last Two Weeks Required A Daily Full-Body Massage By Yours Truly now did not want to be touched. At all. No way.

I don't own this gif

I don’t own this gif

Plus the ligaments between her hip and tail bones began to soften. I thought I might be imagining it, but I’d been feeling for them for the last month to get a good idea of what is normal, and they were definitely softer than normal. And her udder began to fill up, so we had a pretty good idea that the time was not far off.

Saturday morning she stayed off by herself, didn’t eat, and just generally acted dopey. At noon, I went in the house for lunch, looked out the window at about 1:15, and HOLY MOLEY PEOPLE, THINGS WERE HAPPENING. AS IN, BABY TIME.

Like Oreo, Caramel would have come right into the house to have her babies if we’d let her. Not being allowed that option, she picked a spot on the porch, right inside the nursery pen we had prepared. Thankfully, everything went according to textbook. Both babies came squirting out head first and were up and cruising in a matter of seconds, literally. I was quite amazed, but hey, strong babies = no complaints from RC.

I think I was more distressed than Caramel was during the whole affair. But she did a fine job. All is well, and there are delightful little squeakings coming from the nursery now, that are more of a draw than a magnet at a scrap metal party. And delightful little fuzzies to go out there and squeeeeeeeeze!!!! Ahem. Why yes, I am nuts over kitten-sized baby goats. Why do you ask?


Le Proud Mother Caramel: “Thank God you urchins are finally out”


Le Proud Father Peppernut, who could probably care less, since he doesn’t even know about his new sons yet

Alas, both babies are little bucklings, so we won’t be able to keep them. But perhaps that is a good thing, since it will prevent me from being overrun by goats! Methinks they will make somebody some fine little cuddly pets one of these days…

Little Marshmallow exploring the big, big world

Little Marshmallow exploring the big, big world

We have a shy but photogenic Apricot

We have a shy but photogenic Apricot

Apricot is quite shy, but settles down once he is captured and held close. Marshmallow, on the other hand, is already outgoing, and will come bouncing up to get kisses. And I get to keep and enjoy these little cuties all the way to weaning age! Yay!

Now if you will excuse me, it’s time for my nursery patrol… šŸ™‚