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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we’re back! With the 3 newest members of the Bandit Ranch goat royalty.

Le very patient and extremely pregnant Oreo Cookie…

"I haz a nap!"

“I haz a nap!”

…decided it was time at last to bless us with her first litter. She picked a spot right on the front porch (and probably would have come right in the house if we had let her). Luckily we were there to assist in case of trouble. But all was well!

I was expecting one, possibly two at the outside.

Le No.


After about an hour of Oreo getting up, lying down, wiggling, trying to get comfortable, not succeeding, and getting a bit disgusted with the whole process, we finally saw two little feet coming out! Yay! Progress!

… Wait… Those are HIND feet.

Cue panic music for RC.

Apparently, however, according to some of my research, Nigerian Dwarf goats can often have breech babies with no problems. It took Oreo about 20 minutes of hard work, but finally the little guy popped out. Soon he was squeaking loudly. Oreo got up and licked him off, and then it was suddenly time for round two. A little nose appeared, and then Baby #2 shot out like she was greased, with Baby #3 literally right on her heels.

Cue the “Holy moly” music for RC.

I LOVE this part of raising goats. I never saw such teeny weeny babies before. Luckily they were all very strong. The little rascals were up and moving in minutes.

Behold, the cuteness…

Oreo 2-1-14 firstborn baby buck

Baby #1, a little buckling, almost the spitting image of Oreo. Le Crown Prince of Prince-ness! The smallest of the three, hampered by a somewhat inelegant entrance into the world, and he took the longest to get up and going, but today he is already surveying the (limited) royal reaches of his nursery royal domain, and giving the amazed subjects what for. Good thing there’s a fence in place. The other goats don’t know quite what to make of this bossy, diminutive little squeaking creature.

Oreo 2-1-14 second born baby doe


Baby #2, the liveliest. This little girl was hollering and walking off before mama even licked the sack off of her. She didn’t at ALL look like a hamster inside a squishy hamster ball. Not at ALL. Nope.

I can already tell she’s going to be a handful. Maybe because of the afro she sported as her little head began to dry off, making her look like a tiny llama. She has named herself, and she will henceforth be known as Buffy The Vampire Slayer, She Of Many Adventures. At a tender 3 hours old, she had begun to venture forth to investigate the sudden appearance of The Strange, Moving Tall Things invading her world (none but your faithful Bandits).

Oreo 2-1-14 third born baby doe


Baby #3, another Oreo lookalike, this one a little doeling. Such a soft, fluffy, adorable little thing. I just love the white spot on her head. She looks like a cup of mint chocolate cocoa topped with one bitty marshmallow.

Oreo has passed all mothering tests with flying colors, especially being able to count to three! You may rest assured that I and my camera shall verily be busy the next few days. Now it’s time for RC to go check on the nursery again. What better pastime than to watch the antics of teensy weensy little goats?